MY STORY – The Linen Print





 I am sooo happy you decided to click through to here because if you buy a print you are also convincing me that I made the right decision to do something for myself that a little prick of a thing called mental health has gotten in the way of for a long time.  

NOW, this is not a small sob story to get you to buy my art I’m just happy you made it this deep into my site & are reading this to be honest. I read once that when you build a website/brand, just be yourself, don’t try to be professional if you are not- there are 1.5 billion websites out there be unique be true to yourself "amen".

I was diagnosed with clinical anxiety & depression in March 2019 , It was an illness that I always thought I had symptoms of at times but was too ‘anxious’ to go and seek help for. (Funny that) But it got to a point where I was having frequent panic attacks that I couldn’t talk myself out of and could not sleep properly for weeks. It was then I knew for myself, family & especially my daughter Teddie Roo that I needed help. And I got it!

Creating things gets me excited about life, making ideas come to life is what gets me motivated. I sh*t myself about what could go wrong but now I have finally started thinking about what could go right more than ever before. I find I come to life when I can imagine something and tick off all those steps to get to the completion of that idea. I am determined once I have an idea in my head and I won’t settle until it’s done! My husband, Wally really loves that about me when I wake up of a morning with a big idea like ‘let’s build a big house for the chickens today’ and won’t rest until it’s finished in the same day... (Sorry Wal)

With a background in Graphic Design, photography & online retail I knew if I ever made a real go of something it would have to include these 3 passions. So with that in mind I decided that making my digital art into prints & selling them online could possibly work. To bring this idea to life I needed to balance my work/mum life & with a heavy heart I decided to end my 5 year journey as a graphic designer at Australian Jewellery Brand Francesca Collections. I will be forever grateful for my time there & the lifelong friendships I made.

So I had the print idea, but I feIt like that wasn't quite unique enough. Keeping the idea true to me, I was sitting at Whale Song Shack where I just completed editing the wildflower print  & thought about what materials I really love. 'LINEN LINEN LINEN, that's it, print onto textile instead of paper". That is how The Linen Print was born! Now it has expanded to prints & another one of my middle of the night ideas, being The Treasured Letters. 


The inspiration of creating this comes from my childhood as I had my name on my door in colourful hand painted wooden letters.
I really enjoyed creating these so thought why not let you in on the fun as well. Anything that is small & special to Teddie she calls her “treasures”
When I first showed her, her letters she said “oh look at the treasures, mummy can you open it?” And that is where the name came from.


Thanks for stopping by - I’m off to have a glass of Rose´ and if you want to connect with me personally, give me feedback to help me grow! or have a thing for Renos, Pugs & Plants you can find me on INSTAGRAM HERE

Rochelle :)